Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

I assume that not a lot of men read these posts (except for my husband who humors me when I need an audience...), but, in any case, this is a post that won't apply to the male persuasion.

Ladies, today's tip is simple.  Do yourself a favor and get a good bra... that fits.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but, at the risk of sounding a bit too Oprah-esque, I believe there are quite a few women out there who are wearing the wrong bra in the wrong size.  A few years ago, I was one of those women.  (Truth is, 4 kids later, I didn't always recognize my chest let alone know what size bra it needed.)  One day, a friend I had not seen in some time came for a visit, and I couldn't help but ask if something was different.
"Did you lose weight?  Are you working out?"
Her answer was funny... but got my attention.  "Nope," she answered, "Just found the right bra."

I thought about it, and later that summer while shopping at the Leggs, Hanes, Bali... outlet, I took advantage of the free bra sizing service they offer.  They told me the proper size I should be wearing and then suggested bras with the features I most needed.  I walked out of that store amazed at what a difference the right bra made.  My shirt fit differently.  My entire outfit looked different.  My posture had changed.  It was the quickest and easiest diet I had ever been on.

Here are a few pointers I'd offer...
1) Get over the awkwardness of being sized.  You don't have to strip down to nothing.  It's easy and fast.

2) Don't get hung up on a particular size.  Quite often women are amazed at what size they actually are (whether it be how small or how large).  The truth is, you will look best in the proper size - not the size that you want to believe you wear.  Also, wearing the right size can often help to "diminish" a larger chest or "enlarge" a smaller one.  They don't call it WonderBra for nothing...

3) Consider features you may not have used before.  To this day, I swear by the wonders of underwire and a molded cup.  Ladies, you all know it's true - after several years and a few kids, it can take origami strategies to put a bra on.  Do yourself a favor: choose a bra that holds it's shape when your body can no longer do the job.

4) Be ready (and willing) to make an investment.  I'm not talking hundreds of dollars.  But a good bra will cost more than the $7.99 special at Walmart.  If that one works for you, that's fine - but, usually, there's a difference - and it shows.  Shop at the Leggs outlet - and you'll find that the bras are significantly marked down (to about $20- $25) and they often are combined with other discounts and offers.  Consider that the right bra will make your shirts fit and take off about 5 - 10 lbs.  It's worth it.

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